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We fight for those who have been harmed, injured, or killed by the wrongful acts of others

Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton represents people injured or killed by car and truck accidents, industrial accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs and medical devices, aircraft crashes, and other traumatic events. We also represent employees and whistleblowers who have been discriminated against or suffered retaliation and employees who have been injured on the job and have workers compensation and third party claims.

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In the fight for justice, equality, and accountability, our law firm has represented clients across the western United States. Our attorneys have helped to improve international and national legal standards and safety practices for consumers, workers, and families. Art Johnson founded our law firm in Eugene, Oregon more than 60 years ago, and today we have attorneys admitted to practice in Oregon, Washington, California, and New York.

We approach every case with two objectives: to get fair compensation for our client and to fix the problem so someone else isn’t injured. That’s what justice is all about.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death
We represent people and families who have experienced personal injury or wrongful death. Some of our previous cases have involved brain damage, spinal cord injury, multiple internal injuries, fractures, concussions, and other serious physical injuries. People who suffer catastrophic injuries usually suffer disability, wage loss, and emotional injury. Our team can help you and your family work with insurance companies and medical providers at every step along the way.

Defective Medical Devices and Drugs
We hold pharmaceutical and medical device companies responsible for the injuries they cause by covering up their products’ side effects and defects. We have successfully represented hundreds of people harmed by dangerous medications, medical devices, and consumer products, such as diet pills, contraceptive devices, hip implants, and talcum powder, to name a few. Unlike the out-of-state law firms that advertise on television, we take the time to get to know each of our clients and work hard to obtain justice on their behalf.

Employment Discrimination & Whistleblowing
Our employment attorneys advance and defend the rights of workers and civil rights matters including constitutional claims, discrimination, Title IX, whistleblowing, sexual harassment, disability rights, and medical leave. We have represented employees and students in claims against employers, schools, and governments. We have represented victims of abuse at the hands of police, jails, and prisons; female athletes in securing equal treatment by their schools; female professors seeking equal pay; and transgender people seeking equal access to health care and jobs.

We also provide counsel to people who face the difficult choice of becoming a whistleblower. And we defend them if their rights are trampled because they did the right thing and blew the whistle on misconduct.

Workers Compensation
We have represented hundreds of workers injured on the job and helped them get the maximum possible recovery. We understand the complex laws that govern workers compensation and their interplay with health insurance, social security, discrimination, and injuries caused by the negligence of third parties.

Aqui se habla español 

Tenemos empleados aquì que hablan español y podemos ayudar a personas hispanohablantes que sufrieron de un daño en el trabajo o en un accidente.

(We have employees who speak Spanish and we are able to help Spanish speaking people who have been injured at work or in an accident.)

If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury or wrongful death, experienced discrimination or harassment, or have suffered an injury on the job, contact us for a confidential evaluation of your situation. We take most cases on a contingency fee basis: no recovery, no fees.

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“Most lawyers who defend against Art Johnson’s arguments would rather settle out of court than let him tell it to a jury.” – Northwest Magazine