Auto, Truck & Aircraft Claims

Auto Accidents

The nightmare of being injured in a car accident is often compounded when insurance companies become adversarial. When we lose our health, or when someone we love dies in a car accident, the strength to fight for our rights against powerful insurance corporations is tested. Call Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton. Let us help you.

For more than half a century, the attorneys of Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton of Eugene, Oregon have represented people injured, and the families of people killed, in car accidents – in Oregon and across the nation.

Many of the cases we have handled are heartbreaking. One Oregon family of seven was hit head on by a drunk driver speeding the wrong way on Interstate 5. One child died, and the surviving siblings and parents were left severely disabled. The driver’s decision to drive drunk caused needless and painful tragedy, and forever impacted the lives of an entire family.

Other results obtained by Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton include:

  • $2.2 million settlement on behalf of the family of a young girl hit by a negligent driver
  • More than $1 million for a family who was hit head on by a motor home that killed three family members
  • Many other cases were settled for undisclosed amounts

The causes of injury accidents are numerous. Distracted driving, texting or using cell phones while driving, is fast becoming a dangerous epidemic on roadways today. Driving under the influence (DUI) also leads to never ending tragedy, despite enhanced enforcement and liability of bars and taverns for serving visibly intoxicated patrons.

We have litigated many cases where our investigation determines that a defective auto product is to blame. Airbags, defective tires, defectively designed gas tanks, brake failures, inadequately designed seats, improperly manufactured safety restraints, and car seat heaters – all can cause serious personal injury or death.

Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton also prosecutes many claims against uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) policies of the client. In one tragic story, an Oregon college student was killed while riding in a car driven by another college student who was uninsured. As a student, our clients’ son was still a member of his parents’ household, which meant the family had the right to seek wrongful death damages under their own automobile policy. The young man was poised to join the family business after graduation, and we successfully negotiated a UM settlement on behalf of the family that included substantial loss of future earnings to the estate.

If you are injured or a loved one is killed in a car accident, call Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton for a free consultation. We represent clients throughout Oregon and nationally. You have a right to justice.


Attorneys (left to right) Marilyn Heiken, Scott Lucas and Derek Johnson.

Truck Accidents

Injury and wrongful death claims resulting from truck collisions comprise a large part of our practice. Truck collisions often require thorough accident reconstruction as well as expert analyses of fleet operations, equipment maintenance, driving policies, and violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases resulting from serious accidents and have the expertise and resources to successfully prosecute the most complex of these claims. We have obtained numerous multimillion-dollar recoveries on behalf of our clients. Successful prosecution of truck accident cases can often result in making truck operations and our public highways safer for everyone.

Our attorneys have successfully tried cases with large payouts in Lane, Douglas, Deschutes, Linn and other counties in Oregon as well as Washington. Results obtained by Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton include:

  • $2.2 million on behalf of the family of a young girl struck and killed by a beer delivery truck
  • $1.925 million on behalf of a client who suffered serious orthopedic injuries caused by the negligent driver of a dump truck
  • $1.5 million on behalf of a family struck and injured by a truck driver who lost control of his tractor-trailer rig

The attorneys at Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton have decades of experience in representing victims of truck accidents and crashes. Our attorneys have the expertise and resources necessary to prosecute these often complex claims, and seek justice for those who were injured, or the families left behind.

Airplane and Transportation Accidents

Aircraft, train, bus and boat transportation serve thousands of Americans in business and recreational pursuits. Unfortunately, each comes with associated risks of serious injury or death to operators, passengers, and people not on board. Most such injury accidents are preventable however, and occur because of individual or institutional negligence, or defective products. In those circumstances compensation through legal action often is available to the victims.

Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton has prosecuted cases involving airplane and helicopter crashes caused by pilot error, improper maintenance, and defective design. Train accidents are often caused by inadequately protected railroad crossings. We have also represented passengers in bus collisions that have caused injury to passengers and occupants of other vehicles, in addition to boat capsizing caused by captain negligence.

The attorneys at Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton have decades of experience in representing victims of airplane, helicopter, boat, bus and train crashes, as well as railroad workers in FELA claims and seamen in Jones Act claims. Our attorneys have the expertise and resources necessary to prosecute these often complex claims, and seek justice for those who were injured, or the families left behind.

Our experience:
A few relevant past cases

United Airlines Crash

We represented a survivor of a United Airlines crash in Sioux City, Iowa.

Jones Act: Fisherman’s Arm Crushed

Our client was a jack-of-all-trades — fishing, logging, millwork, bartending, and construction. He was injured while working as a deckhand on a fishing trawler. He was assisting the skipper moor the vessel when his arm was crushed between the vessel and the dock pilings. We settled the claim against the boat owner under the Jones Act, alleging that the skipper was negligent in the manner he docked the vessel.

Helicopter Strikes Unmarked Power Lines

Two police officers were killed when their police helicopter struck unmarked power lines owned by PacifiCorp. We represented their families in claims against the power company.

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