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Workers' Compensation

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Log-Loader Accident

We represented the family of a log truck driver killed while delivering his load to a mill. After arriving at the mill’s yard, he parked where he was told, and began to remove the wrappers binding the load to the truck. While he was doing so he was struck by a log-loader and died instantly. We prosecuted a third-party claim against the log-yard owner, citing negligence, and violations of the Oregon Employer Liability Law. The case settled successfully for our client.

Propane Tank Explosion

Two factory workers were severely burned when a defectively designed gauge dial on a propane tank caused a leak, which in turn caused an explosion. We brought a third-party claim on behalf of our client against the manufacturer of the gauge and the tank. We settled the case on behalf of our client, greatly benefiting the injured worker and the employer.

Commercial Guardrail Accident

A commercial painter fell 15 feet from a raised deck onto concrete when an improperly installed guardrail gave way had been installed, and our client leaned against it. In addition to the benefits he received through his workers’ compensation claim, we filed and ultimately settled a “third party” legal claim, an Employers Liability Law claim, and a premises liability claim on his behalf due to the dangerous conditions at the property.

Platform Collapse

Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton represented an ironworker who was injured when the platform he was erecting collapsed under him. He landed in the mud, gravel and twisted steel, and was rendered quadriplegic. Though entitled to workers’ compensation for his lifetime, the compensation fell far short of his total damages. Following a thorough investigation, our firm brought a third-party claim on his behalf against the contractor and others responsible for the faulty design specifications and an overly aggressive building schedule.