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Helicopter Crash Fatality

Helicopters are used widely in modern logging operations, but unfortunately their use comes with a risk of serious injury and death. In one Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton case, an Oregon Department of Forestry fire suppression specialist, a passenger in a corporate timber company’s helicopter, was searching for water holes suitable for forest fire fighters to use if needed during the next fire season. The helicopter struck power lines suspended across the Siuslaw River, and both the pilot and our client were killed. Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton experts conducted a detailed crash analysis and determined that the cause of the fatal accident was pilot error for which the timber company was liable.

Collision Between Two Pleasure Boats

Several members of a family were injured when their motorboat was struck broadside by another boat pulling a person on a kneeboard. The driver of the second boat was watching the person kneeboarder and failed to understand the kneeboarder’s frantic hand signals warning of the impending collision.

Piper Cherokee Plane Crash

We represented the family of a passenger who died when a small private airplane struck the side of a mountain. The passenger resided in Oregon, but the fatal crash occurred in British Columbia. The case settled for policy limits.

United Airlines Crash

We represented a survivor of a United Airlines crash in Sioux City, Iowa.

Helicopter Strikes Unmarked Power Lines

Two police officers were killed when their police helicopter struck unmarked power lines owned by PacifiCorp. We represented their families in claims against the power company.

Fatal Southern Pacific Railroad Crossing Collision

Four men died on the way to work when a train at an unprotected crossing outside of Eugene hit their pickup. We prosecuted wrongful death claims against the railroad on behalf of the families of the three passengers.

Jones Act: Fisherman’s Arm Crushed

Our client was a jack-of-all-trades — fishing, logging, millwork, bartending, and construction. He was injured while working as a deckhand on a fishing trawler. He was assisting the skipper moor the vessel when his arm was crushed between the vessel and the dock pilings. We settled the claim against the boat owner under the Jones Act, alleging that the skipper was negligent in the manner he docked the vessel.